Behringer K-2 Analogue and Semi-Modular Synthesizer with Dual VCOs Ring Modulator External Signal Processor 16-Voice Poly Chain and Eurorack Format ZB962

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  • Behringer K-2 Analogue and Semi-Modular Synthesizer with Dual VCOs Ring Modulator External Signal Processor 16-Voice Poly Chain and Eurorack Format ZB962
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Although only produced from 1978 to 1983 Korg synthesizers have been favored by numerous world-famous artists including: Aphex Twin; Arcade Fire; the BBC Radiophonic Workshop; Daft Punk; Depeche Mode; A Flock of Seagulls; Gorillaz; Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark; Snarky Puppy and a host of others. An ultra-affordable homage to that iconic synthesizer with all the features of the original and then some the K-2 lets you conjure up virtually any sound with incredible finesse and ease. With its pure analog signal path dual authentic VCOs with 4 selectable waveforms each plus extremely flexible VCF and VCA filters the K-2 is sure to become your favorite keyboard. Owning the K-2 is like having your own personal time machine enabling you to embrace the past – or make your imprint on the future!

Pure Analogue Signal Path

Great care has been taken in engineering the K-2 including the true to the original VCO VCF and VCA designs and pure analog circuitry with matched transistors and JFETs. This highly-focused attention to detail is what gives K-2 its ultra-flexible sound shaping capability which covers everything from super-fat bass and lead tones to stunning effects – all the way out to the otherworldly sounds of your imagination.

Rock Right out-of-the Box!

Your K-2 comes ready to rock thanks to its default signal routing that doesn’t require lifting a single patch cable to instantly create amazing sounds. The semi-modular architecture lets you easily tap into the inspired sounds of 1980s and ’90s progressive rock wave EDM and synth-pop music synthesizer tracks that made rock and roll history – or to design incredibly fat and original sounds that will make you a legend in your own right!

Versatile VCF

The very heart of K-2’s sound is its versatile 6 dB High/12 dB Low filter which lets you freely experiment with the High and Low-Pass Cutoff Frequencies and their respective peak resonance settings to dial in the perfect sound. The high-pass filter sets the level of signals below the cutoff frequency effectively reducing the fundamental and lower-order harmonics levels. The low-pass filter controls the level of signals above the cutoff which reduces higher-order harmonic content. K-2’s VCF Peak controls provide emphasis to the signals at the crossover frequency.

Vintage Oscillators

K-2’s authentic Voltage Controlled Oscillators VCOs provides an incredible range of 4 variable oscillator shapes with variable pulse widths and ring modulation for the ultimate in sound creation. VCO 1 waveform choices include triangle reverse-sawtooth noise and pulse where the pulse width can be adjusted from square wave to narrow across a 4-octave range 32 16 8 or 4. VCO 2’s waveform can be selected from reverse-sawtooth square narrow pulse and ring where both oscillators are operating. VCO 2’s pitch can also be varied independently across a 4-octave range 16 8 4 and 2. The VCO Mixer allows you to adjust the levels of VCO 1 and VCO 2 to create an overall mix and a wide range of amazing effects.

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